Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Welcome to M.S. Wars

M.S. Wars (Mecha Suit Wars) is a Mecha based miniature war game that I have been designing. Originally it was Gundam M.S. Wars (Gundam Mobile Suit Wars), it was based on meanly Gundam with other mecha shows like Code Geass being added. But I have decided to change thing and make up a template universe. I am currently looking for ideas for unit names like Greek Myths and Gemstones. I will be giving updates and slowly start posting the rules. But before I start adding the updated rules I need to make some units, say 3 to 7 for every type and size class apart from Large Vehicles (Mobile Armour), Super sized unit and Air Vehicles. The scale of the game is about 10mm at the moment. Sadly this will be much slower then it was when I first made units for the Original version as I can not take my laptop with me to work so that I can work on the during my lunch break any more. Well I better be going to get ready for work now. See you all next time.

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