Friday, 17 December 2010

Rules: Unit Abilities part 1

Below is the first list of abilities that units can have and what they can do.  More Abilities will be added at a later state.

Unit Abilities
The unit can be deployed up 10” or twice its move value from their deployment zone, whichever is higher.  This is 15” or tripled Move value if the pilot of the unit has the “Infiltration” skill as well.  They cannot be deployed within a 15” of an opposing unit.
Multiple Crew
Nothing. This is around for special skills.
Multiple Unit
This unit has several men in one unit. This ability is many on infantry based units.  Weapons will only be deal half damage (rounded up) before armour unless the weapon has the Anti-Infantry ability.  Please note, this is from weapon damage and not from any other forms of damage.  Also the Action Costs of using Linked weapons being used by units with this ability is only one Action Counter.
Stable Platform
The unit will only suffer a -2 to its attack values for using a Heavy Range and Artillery type weapons in a turn it had move instead of -4.  If the unit uses a Heavy Range type weapon and the pilot has the “Heavy Fire” skill this becomes a -1 instead.  The unit cannot use this ability while in the High Sky level.
Unstable Platform
The unit suffers -2 to all its attack values if it moved this turn.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

MS Wars Update, 12th of December, Quickly

This is a robot of the games CosmicCommander and
Hi, nothing to really update at the moment sadly. The main structure of the Tower is done just need to build things like ladders and the plans for the Necromunda Campaign is going ahead. Due to the Holiday period there while be a five day wait for MS Wars posts instead of three and the next update post will be in just over four weeks time. So here is a list of up and coming MS Wars post. Please note these date are not set in stone and may change.

16/12/10: Rules - Unit Special Abilities part 1
21/12/10: Units - Cavendish Troop Transport
26/12: Units - Amago, Scout Type
31/12: Rules - Pilot Skills part 1
5/1/11: Units - Human Scouts
10/1/11: Story or Units - North Jeep
13/1/11: New Update post

Until next time, enjoy.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Units Update: Amago, Standard Type

Here is the replacement post. Oh and please note the Update post will be at least a day late due to sickness and free time. 

Here are five more Character Cards for the Amago, Standard Type.

Units: Human Heavy Weapon Team (Updated on 10/01/11)

OK there has been a change of plan, the story post will be pushed until some time next month and as there was no posts Sunday I will try post post another post soon.


Human Heavy Weapon Team are a two man squads with the pilot as the gunner and another guy for re-loading and to support targeting. They are the most commonly found Infantry tech level two there is.

Here are the Character Cards of the Base Human Infantry. click on the pictures to get a better look at them. More Character Cards will come in later posts:

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Rules: Extras

                 There are more than just moving and attack in a game.  Some of these may have be mentioned in earlier chapters like Endurance.  As these rules do not belong to any of the other chapters, they have been added to this chapter.


                When the pilot of a unit has to take an Endurance test, they roll a number of D6 equal to their Endurance value.  If at least one of these D6 rolls equal to or greater than the test value, they pass the test.  If they fail, their Endurance value is reduced by one.  There might also be other things that will happen if they fail depending on the test.  These will be stated with that test.  If a pilot’s Endurance value drops to 0, then the pilot is classed as being Unconscious.  Well the pilot is Unconscious, the Unit they are in cannot make any actions.  Also the unit suffers from a -2 to its Defence value.  At the beginning of each turn or after the unit is hit by an attack, the Unconscious pilot roll a D6, on a roll of 6 the pilot is no longer unconscious and regains one point of Endurance.  During the End Phase, all non Unconscious pilots that have no action counters on their unit before clearing regains one Endurance, up to their starting value.

Command Tokens

                At the beginning of a game, each team starts with a number of Command Tokens equal to their TCV (Team Command Value).  TCV is the Team Commander’s Command value plus any other bonuses to it like “Command Unit”.  Players can spend these tokens at anytime in the game to do special tasks that are listed below.

  • Add one to Movement value of a unit until the end of the turn.

  • Re-roll one of yours or your opponent’s dice rolls, which is not damage.  Rolling several dice at once, like an Endurance test, is classed as one roll.

  • Remove one action counter from a unit.

  • To ignore a failed Courage Test only if the team has not lost more than 50% of its units.

If the unit the Team Commander becomes out of action, then two of the remaining Command Tokens are lost.  If the Team Commander in unconscious, it cost two Command Tokens to do the job of one.

Courage Test

                When a team loses unit(s) that combed VP (Victory Points) equal to 25% or more of the teams total VP, they must take a courage tests during the End Phase.  They must roll 2D6 and add them together.   If the result is equal to or less than the teams Courage value, which is their TCV plus five, they pass it and nothing happens.  If they roll higher, they fail the courage test and retreat.  All units in base contact to opposing units are treated as making a Breakaway Move action.  After that the team is classed as losing the game. A team will first roll when they loss 25% VP and then on turns they loss a unit until they have loss 50% or more, than they take Courage Tests every turn.  They will also suffer a -2 to their Courage value if they lost more than 50% of their total VP value and they will suffer an automatic failure if all Pilots are out of action or Unconscious.  Full VP on the Pilot Sheets is the total VP of the team.  25% VP on the Pilot Sheets is the 25% of the team’s VP rounded up and 50% VP on the Pilot Sheets is the 50% of the team’s VP rounded up.

Morale Test

                When a unit needs to make a Morale Test, the player rolls 2D6.  If the result of roll is greater than the pilot’s Morale value, the unit fails the test otherwise they pass.  The section below, Fear, uses Morale Tests. If there is a friendly unit with the “Command Unit” Ability with in 10” and can be seen by the unit, the pilot gains a +1 to their Morale value.


               If a opposing unit has moved within 10” of a unit that is two or more Size Classes bigger than them, the pilot must take a Morale test at the end of a the phase.  If they fail, place a Fear Token onto the unit as well as an action counter.  Units with Fear Tokens cannot make any move actions and they cannot make and receive or give any Aid or Support actions.  During the End Phase, units with Fear Tokens may make a Morale Test.  If they pass it the Fear Token is removed.  Also if the pilot becomes Unconscious, the Fear Token is removed.