Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Lost Notebooks (Finished)

Arrrr, bloody note books. I write down what I want to write in my blog on to them so I can type them up and when I want to sit down and type them up the beeping things disappear on me so I put off writing the blog until I find them and by time I find the note books what I have written is out of date and needs rewriting.

Now that I have found them I can start typing up this post. Well this is and is not much of an update. Still waiting to test the game as the plans of testing it fell though last weekend and it does not look like I will be able to test it this weekend as well sadly. So there has not been any changes to the rules or units. However I manage to do a lot of modelling and design work. I have done some ruff basic designs for small Elf and Dwarf SRACU or should I say ABRACU for the elves. Pictures above. As You can see from one of the pictures above that I have only made one arm and leg from the Basic model of the small standard SRACU, both is parts. I plan to make two copy, one for each side to can the arms and leg the same size as know myself I would end up doing something like one arm bigger then the other. Currently I have only made a small mecha rifle but I am planing to make the other weapons later. I have also all most finished making the small Elf ABRACU and a experimental Goth. The Elf mechs will be based on animals with their standard small one being based on cats. I was not original planning to make the animal like, they were going to be just a four legged mech like in Star Wars. But when I was putting to round lump as to dried unused modelling clay to gather to build the main body, they seemed to come together in a interesting way so I decided to change the design based on what I had. I first thought it was more insect like until I draw it onto paper and realised it was more cat like and the design looked much better then the one I had. With the Goth, I had decided to try to sculpted a a human figure. I have found figures I could use a Goths, Boris from the website Heresy. They just need a little bit of converting, like adding guns to some of them, and they be perfect. I might use these instead of the one I am making, but I will still try to finish off the one I am making first. Also I have noticed that they have some interesting I might order at a later date too. Can you guess WHO they are.

Well writing this update, I have manage to make moulds of the standard small SRACU and cast my first one. Hippy. Sadly I can not add any photos of the other models I am working on or the metal castings I have done. I will try in the next post, however I have added them to a facebook album here for the time being.

This update's rules will be the first part of Movement. The rules for things like fliers have been removed as they are currently not being used in to game. The next part should be up in the next update post and will be about the diferent move actions you can give units. Hope you all enjoy the update. Until next time.


Units change their position and location on the battlefield by performing any one of several movements or Move Actions. During each of the Movement Phases, a unit can, if it’s able to, can make two Move Actions. There are several different Move Actions a use can make, some of them can only be made by certain units. When a player moves a unit they must declare what type of move action they are making before moving the unit.
During a normal Move Action, a unit can normally move up to its Move value forward, however most Move Actions changes the Move value for the move. With the picture above, there are two tables that shows the cost to movement for moving one inch or making a turning (more details on turning later). Note, you can make a half an inch move or half turns at half the cost and a unit can move backwards but at double the cost.
On the tables, “Can’t” means that the unit cannot be in or move thou this type of terrain, “0” means the unit can be set-up there, but it cannot move there if it can move. The last row on each table is for special rules of the Move Type that might not noted in any other areas of the rule.
Units cannot move through other unit’s bases unless they are move through a unit that is three or more Size Classes different to them and is a Walker or a Four Legged Walker or Hover move type unit and is a friendly unit. Units can also move through the bases of units that are in a different level. A unit cannot end its movement on another unit’s bases unless otherwise stated.
Units are classed as being in base contact if their bases are touching and that they are on the same level.
When a unit turns, they are classed as moving one inch in the type of terrain the unit is in for every turn up to 45º normally but this is different for several types of units under different types of movement. These are:

• Infantry – These can turn 90º at a cost of one inch instead of 45º.

• Walker units – All units using the Walker Move Type can make a free 90º a turn. This can be used any time during ever Move phase even in the middle of a move action. Turning with this free and does not count as Break Away as long as the unit is still in base contact after turning.

• Four Legged Walker units – These are like Walkers however their free turn is 45º and not 90º.