Saturday, 26 March 2011

MS Wars Update, 26th of March, Mekton Super Wars

Not a Mecha from from MS Wars or one I
Welcome to another MS Wars Update. As you might have noticed, I had changed the last two Units post due to the fact that I forgot that there were several more Infantry Units to post and most of the new stuff I were new to the database. So I had to cut them back down to one unit post a time instead of two. For now the rule are finished, will until I do more testing to find things to change or add new rule. I will be testing after the next five units are done. My original plan for the test was to do all units for the three key races (Human, Elf and Dwarf) in the three main tech groups (Mecha, Infantry and Ground Vehicle) up to tech level two. However, I decided to change that to all Human, Elf Infantry and Mecha and Dwarf Infantry. I plan on doing updates every four days instead of every five and then do the next update post when they are all done.

On other MS Wars news I am currently trying to decided to ever run for role-play a MS Wars game based during before the fall of the Mobius Empire or a Code Geass game based on Britannian troops in the EU. With both I have been talked into using Mekton Zeta rules. Code Geass is currently winning. However, I have never played Mekton before, so I am wanting to play a game of it be for running a game. Oh and I am somewhat dumping the race Gargoyles, in fact they are being merged with the Dragonits.

Well that is all I have for this update. Here is a rough time table of MS Wars posts until and including the next update post.

30th March: Units: Let unnamed human command jeep (should have been 31st)
4th April: Units: Human Bikers (should have been 5th)
9th 10th April: Units: Hattori, Standard Type
14th 15th April: Units Update: Amago, Scout Type
19th 20th April: Units: Let unnamed human light tank
24th 25th April: Units: Let unnamed human armoured carrier
29th 30th Apirl: MS Wars Update

Until next have fun. Updated on the 07th of April

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Units: Jaeger, Standard Type


The Jaeger is a first generation mass produced Small ABRACU made by the Elven race. They are cat like most standard combat mecha made by the elves. They stand about seven meters long and has a gun attracted to its back. Being a first generation mecha it does not have the power relays to support high powered weapons like beam based weapons.

Here are the Character Cards of the Jaeger Standard Type. Click on the pictures to get a better look at them:

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Units: Human Infantry on Horse Back


Due to the hunt for lost technology, most races had gone back to animal mounts to help Infantry get around. The Humans used a four legged beast known as horses to get them around. They operate in two man team unlike standard infantry and are known to be equipped for hand to hand combat.

Here are the Character Cards of the Human Infantry on Horse Back. Click on the pictures to get a better look at them:

Friday, 11 March 2011

Rules: Pilot Skills part 3

This allows the pilot to use the unit Special Ability “Repair Unit” if the unit has the ability.  There will be more to this skill at a later date.
Improved Quick Shot
Quick Shot, Range Attack value of 12 or more
The action cost does not go up by one while making a range attack in the First Strike Phase.
Improved Quick Strike
Quick Strike, Melee Attack value of 12 or more
The action cost does not go up by one while making a melee attack in the First Strike Phase.
Move Type Specialist
Pick a Move Type when you pick this skill and note it down next to this skill in brackets or quota makes.  When the pilot is operating a unit of that Move Type, they gave the unit a +1 to its Defence value.
Noble Background
Only one pilot in the team can have this skill
The pilot gains a +1 to their Command value.
Office Training
Command value of 3 or more
During the Support Phase, the pilot may make a Plan action.  Plan Action: Roll a D6, on a result of 6 the team regains one Command Token. The player cannot have more than their teams TCV in Command Tokens and cannot gain more than one Command Card a turn.  The action cost of this action is only one.
Weapons Specialist, Melee Training
The pilot can use a Melee type weapon that they have Weapons Specialist with as if it is a Short Shield if it is being used with one hand or a Long Shield if it is being used with two hands ageist melee attacks.
Range Parry
Parry, Reflex value of 4 or more
The pilot can now use the weapon as a Shield ageist range attacks.
Team Player
If the unit the pilot is in is within 10" of unit of the same Main Type with another pilot with this skill and can see more then 50% of them, the unit the pilot is in will grain a +1 to its Defence value.  Maximum of +2 to Defence value from this ability.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Units Update: Human Heavy Weapon Team

Here are five more Character Cards for the Human Heavy Weapon Team.

Units: Gladstone Troop Transport


The Gladstone is a large un-armoured form of troop transport for humans. It is capable transporting four infantry teams into battle instead of two like most standard troop transport.

Here are the Character Cards of the Gladstone Troop Transport. Click on the pictures to get a better look at them.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Units: Dwarf Infantry


Currently Dwarf is just a place holder name until I come up with a better name for the race. Dwarf Infantry is the second most common type of Infantry along with Elf Infantry. Like most standard infantry, they are four man squads with the pilot as the squad leader.

Here are the Character Cards of the Dwarf Infantry. Click on the pictures to get a better look at them:

Units: The Tin, Construction Mech


The tin is a public use construction Mech based on the old proto-type SRACU. They have be salvage to use as cheep on field repair units and to help rebuild towns and cities.

Here are the Character Card of The Tin Construction Mech. Click on the picture to get a better look at them: