Friday, 17 December 2010

Rules: Unit Abilities part 1

Below is the first list of abilities that units can have and what they can do.  More Abilities will be added at a later state.

Unit Abilities
The unit can be deployed up 10” or twice its move value from their deployment zone, whichever is higher.  This is 15” or tripled Move value if the pilot of the unit has the “Infiltration” skill as well.  They cannot be deployed within a 15” of an opposing unit.
Multiple Crew
Nothing. This is around for special skills.
Multiple Unit
This unit has several men in one unit. This ability is many on infantry based units.  Weapons will only be deal half damage (rounded up) before armour unless the weapon has the Anti-Infantry ability.  Please note, this is from weapon damage and not from any other forms of damage.  Also the Action Costs of using Linked weapons being used by units with this ability is only one Action Counter.
Stable Platform
The unit will only suffer a -2 to its attack values for using a Heavy Range and Artillery type weapons in a turn it had move instead of -4.  If the unit uses a Heavy Range type weapon and the pilot has the “Heavy Fire” skill this becomes a -1 instead.  The unit cannot use this ability while in the High Sky level.
Unstable Platform
The unit suffers -2 to all its attack values if it moved this turn.

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