Friday, 16 April 2010

The fall of the Mobius Empire

Currently working on a new unit database and the units for the revised game. I have decided to name the mecha after samurai. I will first use the family name and if I for same reason run out of them I will use the given name. Tanks will be named after gemstones. However I still need to think of names for the other units.

Also been working on some background story for the new game universe:

The once great galactic Mobius Empire has fall fallen to the super virus Dioron (was thing GNIK REGRUB but that might be pushing it, lol). An anti-virus was, but it was too late. The many worlds of the Mobius Empire had been plunged into chaos. It was the Apocalypse in a galactic scale. Now years later, its people are fighting for power, control and to regain late technology.

The image is from How to Draw Manga: Giant Robots, published by Graphic-sha and Japanime.

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