Friday, 30 April 2010

The Mobius Technology

Hello to all and to M.S. Wars. Today's update should be a massive update and mark the start of a weekly update than an update when ever I fell like it. Let start off with the two major changes to the game.

First off the name of the Mecha Suits have been changed to SRACU, or as lest for now. SRACU is short for:


The second is the name of the game. It will remain M.S. Wars, however M.S. will mean Mobius SRACU instead of Mecha Suit. I have done this changes as Mecha Suit seemed too close to Mobile Suit.

Other update on the game are the database I have only been tidying the Unit Listings and I have started work on redoing the rule book. On the rule book I have so far only do the introduction and talked about Technology, which led on to a new thing I will be doing on the weekly update. I will be posting a part of the rule up every week. This week will the technology part. Also the site intro will be updated to have the introduction form the rule book after I have posted this.

When start to build a force, you determine you Tech Levels. There will be several different Tech Groups in M.S. Wars with different units to be unlocked at different levels. Below will be listed with basic details for each Tech Groups and the type of unit they have. Currently there is only three Tech Groups being used at the moment, however more will be added to the game as testing and development goes on. These Tech Groups are: SRACU, Ground Vehicles and Infantry. Currently to determine your Tech Levels, each of the Tech Groups start at level one and you have three points to add to them in any way you like apart from no Tech Group can be more than level three. Later on as the game moves on I plan to only have the current Tech Groups and one other start at level one, there be several more Tech Groups, you will start with something like five research points instead of three to up the Tech Level of these groups and levelling up a Tech Group won’t always be a strait one research point.

S.R.A.C.U. (Samurai Robotic Armoured Combat Unit)

These are the technological machinery (mechas) that are generally humanoid in shape with two upper torso limbs and two lower torso limbs. Generally, the cockpit of a SRACU is located in the body, although in some cases it is located in the head of some of the very large ones.

Small SRACUs
These are small, light weight SRACU. They are more faster and manoeuvrable out of the three man size classes of SRACU. They many fill the scouting side of a force due to their size and speed. Due to their small size they do not have as much armour and cannot talk as much damaged compared to the other size classes of SRACU. The Small SRACUs usury stand around six meters in height making them Size Class 1 units.

Medium SRACU
This is the standard size of SRACU. Not as fast as the small ones, but they are more tougher and armoured. They formed the back bone of Mobius Military force due to they all around average performance. The Medium SRACUs usury stand around twelve meters in height making them Size Class 2 units.

These are the larger of the three key types of SRACU. They are the slowest and lest manoeuvrable than the other SRACU, however they are stronger, tougher and more armoured than the over two. They normally fill the role of ordernants and shields for the force. The Large SRACUs usury stand around eighteen meters in height making them Size Class 3 units.

Normally SRACUs humanoid, however some are based on a beast like shape. These beast like ones are normal known as ABRACU (Animal Based Robotic Armoured Combat Unit). Currently there are no ABRACU units at the moment.

Ground Vehicles

These are standard land based vehicles that move on wheels, tracks and ever hover in later levels. They form the support side to your force. The four main types of Ground Vehicles at the moment are:

These carry powerful long range weapon and thick armour, but are fasts. They normally have the ability to move and fire with Heavy Weapon with not any heavy penalties. These are normally Size Class 1 but there are some Size Class 2 ones too.

These units can carry infantry and some vehicles to the places they are needed. There are normally Size Class 0 for standard sized ones or 1 for large ones.

These are small vehicles many used as scouting and command based units. But they can carry a small number of infantry, normally only one unit. There are normally Size Class 0.

These are the smallest and fastest units from the Ground Vehicle Tech Group. There are normally Size Class 0 with more than one bike on a base. Bike are treated as infantry for transport.


These are normally a four man unit on a 25mm base. But some like Powered Armour unit or Heavy Weapons teams have less man or bigger bases depending on the weapon(s). Infantry are almost always Size Class 0. There are several races of infantry to. At the moment the races are running under temporary names which will change over time. These are:

Humans are the back bone of the Mobius Empire, due to their sheer numbers. They are one of the key three races of the Mobius Empire.

Elves are more faster and agile than humans. They manly act as scout and are one of the key three races of the Mobius Empire.

Dwarfs are tougher and stronger that humans. They manly act as armoured units and are the final of the key three races.

These are winged humanoid reptiles.

While that is it for the week. Next week should hopefully be a look at the states and abilities of the units and me talking about what I will be looking for in Campaign. There are three pictures at the top of the post, one other them is the current look of the Unit Listings and other two are ideas for the Date class Standard Medium SRACU and the Hattori class Blade Medium SRACU.

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