Monday, 17 January 2011

MS Wars Update, 17th of January, Plans of the Future

Sorry for the late update. To tell the truth there is not much to report about again. I have add a ton of new character cards to the database, I have found some nice looking wings which I will be making copies of so the I can use them on future mechas and I have not done any work on story still. However I might have an idea, if I un-dig the Mecha D20 rules and run a game role-play game based in the Mobius world past or how it is now. Hmmm that is a good idea; it could help shape the game's background. Need to get thinking on this. Well that is it for this update. I will be doing MS Wars Update ever month now instead on every fortnight and posts will stay every five days too. Here is the plan of up and coming posts until the next update:

20th of January: Rules - Weapon Abilities part 1
25th of January: Units - Amago, Melee Type
30th of January: Units Update - Amago, Range Type
4th of February: Rules - Pilot Skill part 2
9th of February: Units - Basic Elf Infantry
14th of February: Units - Jenkion Tank
19th of February: MS Wars Update

Until next time, have fun.

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