Friday, 25 February 2011

Rules: Unit Abilities part 2

Unit Abilities


Command Unit
This unit adds one to its side’s TCV.  You can only gain a maximum of +2 from this, but you can still have more than two units with this ability.

Jammer Unit
This unit and all units in this units Jamming range cannot be the target of aided attacks or artillery and loses the “Sensor Unit” ability.  The units Jamming range is equal to the unit’s Size Class times two plus five.

Once during the Support phase you can give this unit an action. This unit can add its highest Tech Level minus one in D3 to its own DC, up to its starting DC.

Repair Unit
When the unit is in base contact to a friendly unit that are not Infantry Type and never of them are in base contact of an opposing unit, as an action during the Support Phase, this unit can add its Size Class plus one in D6 to the target friendly unit DC that is in base contact with, up to the targets starting DC.  This action has an Action Cost of 2.  This is classed as a Support Action.  The pilot of this unit must have the skill “Engineer” to use this Special Ability.

Sensor Unit
The unit can be given aid actions even if they are not in base contact of the attacking unit or can see the target.  See Guided Attack. The units Sensor range is equal to the unit’s Size Class times two plus five.

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