Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Campaign 2010, 8th and 9th of May

When should I start….. Campaign is a Wargames convention that happens in Middleton Hall at thecentre:mk. Thecentre:mk is a large indoor shopping centre (Mall for the reads from the USA) of Milton Keynes and was if not is the large indoor shopping centre in Europe. It happens every year on the weekend of the first full week of May.

I was originally going to Campaign to look for M.S. Wars and for some “Hammer of Thor” Heroclix stuff. However, the weekend before, I decided to bring some of my old gaming stuff that I do not use anymore to the “Bring and Buy” stand. The “Bring and Buy” stand is a stand that they always have were you can bring your old stuff, they will sell it and take 10% commission from what you sell. I brought a lot of my Games Workshop stuff, only keep my Tau, Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines and The Lost and the Damned (Tau based) forces for Warhammer 40,000, Chaos and Undead for Warhammer and all my Necromunda and Inquisitor. I also kept any Imperial Guard I had to be use in Necromunda for as Goths in M.S. Wars.

On the first day I browsed around with the £50 birthday money I had. I ended up buying with it:

• A ton of “Arkham Asylum” Heroclix figure as there was no “Hammer of Thor” Heroclix stuff at all sadly.
• A pack of Natal Native Horse from a 10mm Zulu miniatures to be used as Horseback infantry for M.S. Wars.
• Four small 1:144 tanks to be used as Light Tanks for M.S. Wars
• A ton of plastic plants and some resin alien plants for terrain.
• Some MechWarrior Helicopters.
• A Pack of BattleTech Gnome Battle Armour miniatures to be used as Powered Armoured infantry for M.S. Wars.
• A Vanilla Latté
• A Pack of three Pens
• A Sugar Free Easter egg for £1 for my mum.

Ok the last three was not at Campaign, but was brought at or on the way to have Coffee with my mates, who join me at Campaign afterwards for a couple of hours. Me, Rich and Jake had a demo of Magic: The Gathering. Both myself and Rich had played Magic before and had our own deck at home, but Jake wanted to know how it was played. Rich won the game like always and we got to keep the Demo packs we used and same common cards from their free cards box. I got the Black demo pack and three other cards, 2 x Akrasan Suire (a white card) and 1 x Tanglesap (a green card). There were many games being played, from major Tournaments for games like Flame of War and DBMM, massive participation battles between Lizermen and Undead , small demos of games like Warmachine, too club made games like Lego Star Wars. At one of the tables there was a 10mm World War II game. I had a chat with them about 10mm models and they pointed me to a site called Pendraken Miniatures. At about 5pm I collected what money I had made so far as I was going to be picked up by Rich sometime between 5:30pm and 6pm to go to my birthday party. I had made just over £80, after their 10% had been taken off. I decided to pop into a computer game store to pick up Final Fantasy XIII as it has dropped below £30. I also ended up buying Dead or Alive 4, a battery pack for my second X-Box 360 controller and a wireless Nunchuk for my Wii. I ended up spending over £60, damn it. That was it for the first day.

The second day I planned on going on demos, but sadly all the games I wanted to try where ever very busy or the staff were busy selling stuff or demoing other games. I manage to get a game of a World War One aerial combat game and to watch Battle Tech and Warmachine being played. Watch BattleTech being played give me a couple of ideas. I did talk about focusing on the smaller S.R.A.C.U.s already in the last update, but there is one other change I might be do. I will talk about it in the next game update. I also spent the left over money on:

• Some more Heroclix Figures.
• MechWarrior: Technology Guide.
• And two books on the Roman Empire for my mum

I also managed to take some pictures and video of Campaign. I am posting a picture now and then setting gallery for the full set at a later date as this is taking too long to write to wait until I have done the gallery to post this. I collected what I had not sold and the money I made at the end of the second and last day of Campaign 2010. I manage to earn £140 more, which most has been banked. Sadly I still had a lot of stuff to bring back. I might be able to great rid of my Warhammer 40,000 Elder stuff, but the rest will ever have to ever want until next year or me getting around to post them up on e-bay.

Well over all it was a good weekend and I am hoping my game will be ready for next year to test at the event.

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